Sviatoslav Richter – Essential

Sviatoslav Richter

Soviet pianist (1915-1997)

Richter moved in with his aunt Tamara.
Family reunited and moved to Odessa
Richter's first recital at the Engineers' Club of Odessa
Richter's father arrested under suspicion
Richter's father sentenced to death for espionage
Recitals in Bucharest, Romania
Won Stalin Prize and began concert tours in Russia, Eastern Europe, and China.
First concerts outside the Soviet Union in Czechoslovakia.
Performance in Prague and Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Played Franz Liszt in the film The Composer Glinka.
World premiere of Prokofiev's Symphony-Concerto for Cello
Recitals in Budapest, Hungary
Toured Czechoslovakia
Recorded Prokofiev's 5th Piano Concerto with Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Performance at Boris Pasternak's funeral
First tour concerts in England and France
Richter performed Liszt's two piano concertos in London
Richter's first visit to Japan, played various composers.
Richter initiates December Nights music festival.
Richter embarks on six-month Siberia tour with Yamaha piano
Free concert for students in Teatro Romea, Murcia, Spain
Matinee concert in Teatre Municipal, Girona, Spain
Started working at Odessa Opera as an accompanist
Richter tried composition and played works for Neuhaus.
Richter meets Nina Dorliak, operatic soprano.
Toured China and performed in Prague, Sofia, and Warsaw
Richter wept watching Van Cliburn's Rachmaninoff performance.
Recorded Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto with Warsaw Philharmonic
First tour concert in the US
Richter's first concert in the West in Finland
Richter plays Brahms's 2nd Piano Concerto in Chicago
Richter's first recital in London, playing Haydn and Prokofiev
Richter discovers La Grange de Meslay, establishes music festival.
Richter's performance disrupted by protests at Carnegie Hall
Richter's last orchestral performance with Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra
Richter performed demanding pieces like Ravel's Miroirs cycle.
Richter's last recital in Lübeck, Germany.
Richter passes away; Dorliak obtains marriage certificate.
Dorliak dies on May 17, less than a year after Richter's death.
Richter agrees to his first interview about his personal life
Richter played at short notice in small halls
Richter died from a heart attack at age 82.
Richter performs at Aachen after reading Charlemagne biography
Rehearsing Schubert's Fünf Klavierstücke, D. 459