Margaret Hamilton – Essential

Margaret Hamilton

American NASA scientist and mathematician

Assigned tricky program with Greek and Latin comments
Margaret Elaine Heafield was born in Paoli, Indiana
Margaret graduated from Hancock High School in Michigan
Studied mathematics at the University of Michigan
Earned BA in mathematics from Earlham College
Married first husband, James Cox Hamilton
Hamilton begins work for Lorenz at MIT
Hamilton's priority alarm triggers during Apollo 11 mission.
Individual studied philosophy, inspired by family.
Worked on SAGE Project at MIT Lincoln Lab
Hamilton learned of Apollo project and joined MIT Instrumentation Lab.
No specific date event mentioned in the text.
Apollo 11: Computer alarms averted lunar landing abort
Astronaut and computer could slip out of sync
Hamilton advises counting to five on priority display.
Astronauts allegedly left rendezvous radar switch on causing computer overload
Creation of Display Interface Routines for critical alarms
Birth of daughter, Lauren
Apollo 11: Computer recognizes overload, prioritizes tasks.
Hamilton co-founded Higher Order Software (HOS).
David Harel published a structured programming language derived from HOS.
Hamilton served as CEO of HOS
Hamilton left HOS
Hamilton founded Hamilton Technologies in Cambridge, Massachusetts